Benji Hersey – Captain

Benji Hersey

Captain Hersey is a 15 year veteran of the Waycross Police Dept. and a native of Waycross, Ga. He began his career on 03-28-1998.¬†In March of 2003 Captain Hersey became a Field Training Officer with the department, and in August¬†was assigned to the S.W.A.T. Team. He is currently serving as one of the team’s leaders.
In Dec. of 2004 Captain Hersey was assigned as one of the department’s canine handlers. He held that position until May of 2010. During this portion of his career, He and his canine partner “Jess” received the Exceptional Service Award from the North American Police Work Dog Association.

  • In Dec. of 2006 he was awarded the Waycross I Ware Co. Exchange Club’s Officer of the Year Award for his exceptional service to the community and for the training of seven new officers in that year.
  • In 2008 Captain Hersey was chosen as one of eight to fill a Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear Explosive Team comprised of S.W.A.T. Team Members. He was certified as a Hazardous Material Technician in 2008.
  • In May of 2009 Captain Hersey was promoted from officer to the rank of Sergeant. He served as a shift supervisor, the Community Response Team Supervisor, and in the Criminal Investigations Unit during his time as a Sergeant.
  • In Nov. of 2009 Captain Hersey completed all three levels of supervisor training at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center.
  • Captain Hersey was promoted to Lt. on May 13, 2013.