Police Department Administration

The Administrative Services Section is under the command of Captain Danny Hampton. Captain Hampton serves as the Accreditation Manager for the department. He is charged with ensuring the department’s compliance with standards required by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). He is also the State Certification Manager and ensures compliance with further standards required by the State of Georgia and the Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition. Both CALEA and State Certification are highly respected organizations throughout the nation. The Waycross Police Department is accredited through both. The department is required to successfully complete rigid on-site inspections to continue as part of these organizations.

The Administrative Services Section is divided into two units. Lieutenant Greg Young supervises the Support Services Unit, and Lieutenant Christopher Poole supervises the Personnel and Training Unit.

The Support Services Unit provides direct support to the Patrol Unit and Court Services. All clerical, financial, and record keeping functions of the department are centralized within this unit. The unit consists of ten (10) employees who perform a wide variety of support functions, many of which occur twenty-four (24) hours a day seven (7) days a week.

The Support Services Unit manages all revenue derived from the court system, and other services such as records checks and report distribution. It is responsible for formulating all reports and distribution of all funds as required by various state and federal agencies. Georgia Crime Information/National Crime Information terminal operations are functions of this unit as well.

The Support Services Unit also manages all centralized supplies, timekeeping and quartermaster functions for the police department. The unit has the responsibility of providing court services for the City of Waycross Municipal Court. Court services consist of one (1) supervisor, one (1) clerk of court.

The Personnel and Training Unit of The Waycross Police Department is responsible for recruiting quality applicants for employment, the processing of employment applications, conducting the hiring process for all positions at the department as well as the maintenance of all employee records. The Personnel and Training Unit is also responsible for insuring that all employees complete all training mandated by The Police Officers Standards and Training Council and The Georgia Crime Information Center. The unit is charged with the responsibility for keeping all certifications up to date. This includes firearms training, deadly force training, mandated 20 hours of training for each sworn officer, security and integrity training, entry level training, court records training and criminal history records training.