In Memory

Pierce W. Farr

Captain Farr was mortally wounded by Matthew Milton and Patrolman Coggins seriously was wounded in a flurry of gunfire on Walter Street just off of Gilmore Street Sunday morning about 2:15 o’clock. Pierce W.Farr, 46, Captain of the Waycross Police Department for sixteen years, died in a local hospital four and a half hours after he sustained an abdominal wound.

Funeral services were held 04-12-1944, at Trinity Methodist Church. Pallbearers were W.W. Shackleford, C.T. Myers, J.G. DeLoach, W.C. Hughes, Branch Cullens, and Mayes Bownton and honorary pallbearers included members of the police department and members of the military police who have been associated with Capt.Farr at local police headquarters.
Taps were sounded over the grave to conclude the rites. There were many beautiful floral tributes.
Capt.Farr had been a member of the police department for over 16 years and for the past two years was captain. He was a World War I veteran, with foreign service, and also was a member of the Elks and the Woodmen of the World.
He was survived by his wife the former Miss Mary Williams of this city; a 13 year old son Robert and a young daughter Mary Anne; also his mother Mrs. Flora Farr of Waycross; two brothers Q.B. Farr of Allendale, SC, and Francis Farr of Wilmington, NC, and three sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Gornto of Waycross, Mrs. Martin Holt of Waycross and Mrs. C.H. Moore of New Orleans.


William Carter Coggin

April 10. 1944 Matthew Milton, Assailant, was shot to death at Jail Door after killing Waycross police Captain Farr (above) and wounding patrolman Coggins while the officers were transferring him to the Pierce County Jail. Sheriff Carter said the two Waycross officers and a state patrolmen brought Milton here last night about 10 o’clock, for safe-keeping. Carter said that Milton drew an Ice-pick from his clothing as he was being removed from the police car and attacked the officers. The officers shot at him three times, the sheriff reported. Capt. Pierce W. Farr of the Waycross police department was shot and killed and Patrolman Bill Coggins was critically wounded early Sunday when they attempted to arrest Milton on a Miami, FL, murder charge.

Officer Coggins, who has had several years of service as a patrolman, lost his sight as the result of a load of Number 6 shot sprayed in his face and head from a range of about 15 feet.


Walter Brakes
Police Office

Police Officer Walter Brakes of the Waycross Police Department was shot and killed in the line of duty on August 27, 1920. Officer Brakes made a raid at the hotel known as Ford’s Place on Reed Street about 01:30 hours where he was met by a subject who was intoxicated and armed. The suspect pulled a pistol and the suspect and officer were both shot almost simultaneously.

Officer Brakes received a fatal wound to the chest and died almost instantly. The suspect who also was wounded died later while in the Chatham County Jail.