Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigation Section is led by Captain Benji Hersey.Captain Hersey is an 18 year veteran with the department and has served in his current role since February 2015. He is assisted by two supervisors. Lieutenant Scott Rowell serves as the unit commander in Criminal Investigations and directly supervises the Drug Team.
Det. Sergeant Teresa Grant is the first line supervisor for general investigators who comprise the Criminal Investigations Unit… The section is additionally comprised of three general investigators, and additional drug investigator, and one stenographer.

Sandi Aldridge is the stenographer within the unit. She is responsible for the general office duties and also transcribes a multitude of reports dictated by the investigators within the section. Her other duties are assigned a needed.

The first line supervisor for the general investigation unit of the section is Det. Sergeant Teresa Grant. Det. Sergeant Grant is a 30 year veteran of the department, with the majority of her tenure in investigations. Under her supervision this year the Criminal investigations unit thrived. The unit has been shorthanded this year but the results have been the same. Sergeant Grant has ensured that the individual investigators are assigned cases, which suit their areas of specialty. Detective Larry Hill and Rodney Davis are normally assigned property crimes and crimes against person; IE burglary, robbery, thefts, and etc. Detective Taylor Luciano is the newest investigator to the section. She works closely with Sergeant Grant as she handles the majority of sexual assault cases and crimes against children. Sergeant Grant commonly works financial crimes.

The Waycross Drug Team is supervised by Lieutenant Scott Rowell a 12 year veteran of the department. Detective Greg Kinlaw currently works with Lt. Rowell on the team. The team/unit is tasked with identifying, arresting, prosecuting and dismantling drug operations in Waycross. Lieutenant Rowell ensures that all actions taken by this team are done so within departmental policies and constitutional limits.

The year 2016 was a year of change within the Criminal Investigations section. The section was shorthanded due to a general investigator who pursued opportunities elsewhere. The investigators within the section were assigned 671 cases. Of these cases 288 were cleared by arrest. 55 cases were unfounded, which meant a crime had not occurred or victims dropped the prosecution. 42% of all the cases assigned were cleared by arrest. The section worked four homicides this year and was able to make five arrests. Of the remaining cases assigned, 221 of them were classified as Part I crimes which are the worst of the worst.
The Criminal Investigations section cleared 36% of these with an arrest of the perpetrator(s).
The section served 33 search warrants to recover evidence of crimes within the city. The section was responsible for seizing over $14,000 in illegal proceeds from criminals. The section also recovered $108,921.00 in stolen property for the year. The section removed several illegal guns from the street, 8 of these guns were seized in connection with drug cases. The section also worked with partners within the community. The section referred 48 cases to the Satilla Advocacy Center to ensure that victims would have the opportunity to seek counseling to deal with their emotional needs after being victimized. The section also solved a ring of commercial burglaries where firearms were being taken. Currently there have been 10 arrests from these burglaries. The section is also tasked with the prosecution of suspects. Members of this section logged 623 hours in court. The section also totaled over 630 hours of training.

Contact Information:

Office 912.287.2929 or 912.287.2933
Fax 912.287.2932