Stephen Lovett – Chaplain

Stephen Lovett

Stephen Lovett started in the fire service as a volunteer radio dispatcher with the Ware County Fire Department in February 1980. He received his First Responder certification with EMS in May 1989 and served in that position until 1998 when he accepted the call to the ministry. Stephen obtained his Basic Firefighter 101 certification in January 1992. In 1998 Stephen became Chaplain of the Waycross Fire Department and Ware County Fire Department after receiving his license with the Church of God Chaplain Commission and minister license. He currently serves as the Chaplain for the Waycross Fire Department only.

Stephen has received numerous awards and recognition over the years. In January 2010 he received the Jack Williams Community Service Award from the Waycross-Ware County Chamber of Commerce. He was the 63rd person to have received this award.