Roger Summerall – Lieutenant

roger summerallRoger Summerall

LT. Roger Summerall graduated from Ware County High School in 1984 He began his career at the Waycross Fire Department in November 1987. He studied and practiced for the Driver / Engineer position and was promoted to that position in 1989.
Throughout his years with the Waycross Fire Department, he received many hours of classroom and hands – on training in all areas of the fire service. He is NPQ qualified in Firefighter I, II, III, as well as Fire Instructor I, NAUI Scuba Instructor for 5 years. He has rescue training; and is trained in Haz- Mat awareness, operations technician and reviews and refreshes his training as needed. He is also a First Responder and stays updated on any CPR Requalification’s.
LT. Summerall began taking officer classes and was promoted to Lieutenant in July 2014. He has training in the incident Command System and Principles of Building Construction. He continues to take any training needed annually.