Noahie Altman – Lieutenant

Noahie AltmanNoahie Altman

Lt. Altman graduated from Waycross High School in 1982. After graduations he began his career as a mechanic with Street’s German Car service through 1986. Lt. Altman went on to Lincoln Mercury Volkswagen in Waycross, where he obtained a certification at Volkswagen of America in Jacksonville Florida, as a line technician. He was hired on October 17th 1988 as a firefighter with the Waycross Fire Department. He was promoted to apparatus engineer in 1994. Lt. Altman has numerous certifications, such as NPQ 1, 2, 3, Hazmat Technician, Arson Awareness, Arson Cause and Determination, Supervisory classes, and NPQ Instructor 1,just to name a few. In 2001 Lt. Altman was named firefighter of the year. Lt. Altman was promoted to his current position as Lt. in June 2014. He is married to Sheryl Altman. Lt. Altman has two children, daughter Brooke Middleton and a son Brent Altman.