Annual Inspections

The Waycross Fire Department

will perform two types of inspections per year.

Annual Business Inspections

Annual business inspections will be performed by State Certified Inspectors through the local Fire Marshal’s office. These inspections are to check every commercial building for compliance with the currently-approved National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, International Fire and Building Codes, State of Georgia Codes and Amendments, as well as City of Waycross Codes and Ordinances.

The importance of the annual business inspections is to alert the owner/occupant of local businesses of any potential fire and other safety issues. Our goal is to protect the investments made by our local business owners, their patrons and neighboring businesses.

The annual business inspections will be done throughout the year – all year long.

Annual Pre-Fire Plans

The annual pre-fire plan inspections will be performed by our fire station crews. The importance and reason for this annual task is to familiarize all of our crews with particulars and special considerations or hazards associated with individual commercial properties.

The crews will first seek permission to perform the annual pre-fire plan. Some of the items that they will be looking for are location of any hazards, nearest fire hydrant(s), fire protection system (sprinkler systems and/or standpipe systems), general layout of the business’s footprint, location of utilities, hazards on or immediately around the property, and emergency contact information. These items will them be entered into our record data system for use in case of a fire.

This inspection will be done at a designated time each year.