Monitoring Well Removal Activity

Beginning early-mid March, Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGLC) will be closing monitoring wells used to
confirm the environmental cleanup efforts were effective in the vicinity of the Waycross former
manufactured gas plant (MGP). As you may know from prior notices, the MGP operated between the
early-1900s and approximately the 1950s at 903 Glenmore Avenue. The MGP processed coal to
produce gas used to light city street-lamps, fuel industries, and heat homes, but also left behind coal tar
residues that required cleanup under modern standards. AGLC completed soil and sediment remediation
in 2001 to remove the tar residues. Since that time, AGLC has been monitoring the improvement in
groundwater conditions resulting from those cleanup efforts under the oversight of the Georgia
Environmental Protection Division (EPD). The monitoring well network initially included a total of 27
locations but, as predicted, the area of impact has shrunk to less than 10 percent of its original size since
completion of soil and sediment remediation. As a result, EPD has approved closing 15 wells from the

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