Major Hurricane Matthew is still expected to move DANGEROUSLY CLOSE

  • Major Hurricane Matthew is still expected to move DANGEROUSLY CLOSE the Florida First Coast and Southeast Georgia Coast Friday through Friday night into Saturday with confidence quite high of significant damaging impacts from Matthew.
  • Impacts are still expected to be greatest east of I-95, based on the latest forecast. Potential impacts become more significant wobbles a little west of forecast such that the hurricane makes landfall in or near our area. Strong and damaging hurricane force winds are expected.
  • Strong hurricane conditions are possible over neighboring inland counties, especially if a more westward nudge in track.
  • Destructive, even deadly, coastal storm tide inundation in concert with extremely high, destructive surf is probable with Major Hurricane Matthew.
  • Heavy rainfall amounts to 5-10 inches with isolated amounts of greater than a foot are forecast, which can produce fresh water flooding. Flood Watch is issued for all SE Georgia and NE Florida coastal counties… and the neighboring interior Florida counties of Clay and Putnam.
  • Preparations should be completed through the day today. Residents and visitors are urged to heed the advice of local emergency officials. Isolated tornadoes with initial outer rainbands.

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