Garbage Collection

Tropical Storm Dorian is now projected to strengthen to a category 2 hurricane and possibly impact our area Monday and Tuesday. We will be monitoring the storm’s track closely. Should we need to modify our collection schedule we will notify you immediately. Possible modifications of our schedule could include but not limited to the following options:

  1. Starting earlier on Monday to finish ahead of the storm
  2. Stopping early should conditions deteriorate and restarting the routes when safe
  3. Shutting down and restarting operations when safe to resume.

Should we not operate on Monday or Tuesday we will restart as soon as possible and pick up where we left off. For example, if we were unable to run Tuesday’s routes but it was safe to start Wednesday we would start back on Tuesdays routes and work through Saturday to catch up. This would mean delays for the customers of 1-2 days on our customer’s service. If you have means of communicate with your citizens via Facebook or other media please notify them of the possible impact of the storm and what it could mean for our service.